Welcome to Central Korean Martial Arts (CKMA), we practice the ancient Korean art of Tang Soo Do, our roots are over 2000 years old, our art is made of 3 components: Okinawan Karate, Korean So Bahk Do & Chinese Kung Fu.

We as a group are closely linked with T-UK.

All of our instructors are fully qualified, fully indemnified and CRB checked. From left to right:

– Henrietta Brooks III; Tang Soo Do & Black Belt Tae kwondo.

– Mr John Archer VI; President of Tae kwondo-uk

– Master Zoe Rossborough V; Tang Soo Do, Black belt Tae kwondo, Senior Instructor & Examiner of CKMA

– Master Lina Rodriguez IV: Tang Soo Do.

Master Zoe Rossborough